Monday, July 14, 2014

Soooo.... It's been, like, 3 years.

Hey y'all! I like how I created this blog and then just completely neglected it for 3 years. It's ok though, I've been busy. Since I last was here... I've had a child, who is now almost 2! And, I've had some job changes. I now work full-time as a therapist in a mental health clinic with the local Air Force Base. I love it. I also do some private practice on the side. Career-wise, I am content. Family-wise, I am beyond content. My husband and I are absolutely in love with our daughter, Ella.

As you may know, having a child changes a LOT of things. I found that reading books and watching movies were put on the sidelines for a while, and were replaced with not only newborn care, but reading What To Expect books, blogs about breastfeeding, and waking up 3 times a night. Still, I am finding things that make me excited and happy. I'll mention some music I've been LOVING in the last week. The group is Echosmith. Their album, Talking Dreams, is so much fun. To me, they sound like Paramore, but mixed with a little Coldplay emotion and pop-like melodies. The song that got me was "Cool Kids." Listen to it here.  If you don't like this song just a little bit, then there is something wrong with your brain.

Until next time! Hopefully it won't be another 3 years... :)

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